Top 3 Best Computer Security Software

As we all know that the web has become an unsafe place, and it is imperative to have good quality internet security software to protect your PC. If you want maximum protection for your PC, it is worthwhile to consider a paid internet security software as a free computer security software does not offer extensive functionality. If you want to choose high-quality software, it must offer you exceptional protection, must be user friendly and must not have speed issues. Following are the 3 best computer security software products for 2014 in the market:

  • Norton 360 Multi-Device 2014
  • Bitdefender Sphere 2014
  • Kaspersky ONE Universal Security 2014

Here below we take a look on the above list of  best computer security software separately.

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Norton 360 Multi-Device 2014- One of the Best computer security software for 2014

Norton 360 Multi-Device Top 3 Best Computer Security Software offers the best protection and fantastic features for PC with Windows, Mac, Android tablets and Smartphone. It protects different computer devices from security breaches and regarded as one of the top security software. Protection for Blackberry phones is not available. A single product purchase helps you in protecting multiple devices with best functionality, offers protection from hackers and cyber criminals. You will get one renewal opportunity, one web console for managing the device and a support team with each purchase of this computer security software. You can buy this security software for around $42.

Bitdefender Sphere 2014

There is no other security software in the market that has a better technology for protecting a PC than Bitdefender Sphere 2013 Top 3 Best Computer Security Software. It offers the best features and optimal performance for PC with Windows, Apple computers and also Android tablets and Android Smartphones. Bitdefender does not protect iPhones or iPads. Bitdefender costs lesser than individual protection software for different devices, and covers unlimited devices for protection with each purchase of a license which incredibly includes tree users.

The purchase of Bitdefender includes a web console which helps you in managing all the devices that you want to protect. You also get the opportunity of renewal of license once a year if a malfunctioning event occurs with your security software and the support is also available. It is one of the best computer security software with modern technology, great features and support.

Kaspersky ONE Universal Security 2014

Kaspersky One Universal Top 3 Best Computer Security Software  security offers technology that protects most superbly Windows PC, Apple devices and Android phones and tablets. One product purchase provides you with excellent protection for Android devices and Macintosh PCs. iOS devices are not included for protection. With a purchase of the software license you get the ability to protect five devices, which includes Windows computer, Android devices and Apple PCs. It can detect and disinfect malware.

Kaspersky One Universal Security has a firewall and parental controls and protects you from hacker attacks, protects your identity and also provides you security in online banking. Kaspersky support page offer many helpful resources for users such as installation help, utilities and tools, upgrades and in many areas. Helps to prevent and block different dangerous sites and ads. It is of great importance that you choose best computer security software to protect your PC and other devices.

The above mentioned software products are the best and offer extraordinary protection with multiple features and are recommended by many users for PC protection. Hope that helps you to determine best computer security software. If you happen to use something different and is performing best for you, do let us know and a detailed review will be done. Pricing varies from $14.99 to couple of hundreds of bucks depending on your security needs.