Best Place to Buy a Laptop or Tablet- In-Store or Online

In this post I will write about the best place to buy a laptop. If you believe there is the best place to buy a laptop in 2014 then you might be wrong. The best place to buy a laptop depends on many factors and finding one is tricky. Before you buy a laptop, you should follow certain protocol to become a successful buyer.

I will give you step by step guide to find the best store that sells laptop for cheapest price possible.

Personal Preferences to Buy a Laptop and Tablet

Unless you know what laptop you want to buy, you might want to first figure out what you want to buy. Ask yourself what brand you want to own. HP, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Apple are some of the best laptop makers. Visit each of their sites and come up with the conclusion what you want to buy.

Your preference on design, look and feel, processors, graphics, memory and size are some of the factors that should help you come up with a decision. After you chose your product, go to Best Place to Buy a Laptop or Tablet  In Store or Online or newegg and search the product you chose. You will see customer reviews on that specific product which will help you drill down pros and cons of the laptop of your choice.

If the laptop you chose happen to have lots of not so nice reviews, start looking for an alternative. If you see lots of good reviews its the time to chose the best place to purchase your laptop.

Choosing the Best Laptop Store or Tablet Store

There are many stores selling laptops. Best buy, amazon, tigerdirect, staples, newegg are some of those. And here is the most interesting part! If one laptop store has the best price for one laptop, another store will have best price on another. So, how do you figure out which one to proceed?

Its easy! Go to and search your selection. It will list all the stores (online and walk in) that carries your selection with price tag! Narrow down your results with 3 best laptop stores and visit each of their websites for further details on pricing.

Sometimes, the price they list is tricky. One store could be offering your laptop for lets say $500 and another for lets say $525. But there are many stores that will ship for free. The one that listed their price as $500 could have $30-$40 in shipping charges while the one that listed as $525 could be offering shipping free or offering $50 in rebate.

You should carefully research those factors before actually buying it because what you initially see might not always be true. If you are buying mac, give a second thought about buying a refurbished one and do not forget to get a student discount :-).

Choosing the Right Time to Purchase a Laptop at the Best Location

Time is always a big factor. Unless you are in immediate need of a new laptop, wait for certain time in a year when products go on sale. Black Friday is most definitely the best time to buy any electronic product. Sometimes, one specific store can be found running sale on one specific product. If your laptop is one of those, go for it!

More Tips on the Best Place to Buy Laptops and Tablets

Before you actually buy it from the best store you come up with, see if they have a place where you can input any promotional code. Go to and search if that store has accepts valid coupon/promotional code.

If it does, extra savings for you! As a reminder, you can use that coupon site for any other online shopping ;-). Actually, you can apply this tip before you even figure out where you want to buy your laptop from.

I would like to hear your comments on this post about the best place to buy laptops and tablets and please do share it if you like it and good luck buying your laptop :-).