Best Laptops Under $600

Technology is changing rapidly and hard hitting contest is emerging between companies such as Samsung, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and HP to produce quality and reasonably priced laptops into the market. This piece of writing will direct a customer through examples of best laptops under $600 with their major features and prices.

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 Dell Inspiron 15R

The first laptop making it into the record of best laptops under $600 is from the Dell Company. Dell Inspiron 15R is a fantastic laptop with mind-blowing features and is at a cost of $479.99 (five hundred US Dollars) on the legitimate dell website. I would like to address this laptop as absolute for (Compact Disk) CD or (Digital Versatile Disk) DVD production and duplication. Dell Inspiron 15R has an 8x CD/DVD writer drive with dual layer. Today, customers take into account the speed of any laptop they want to purchase, and this is where Dell Inspiron 15R stands very well with its Intel core i5-2410M processor. The screen is 15.6 inches wide in dimension and posses a 6GB DDR3 Random Access Memory (RAM) with a 500GB (Gigabytes) internal Hard Disk memory capacity. Dell Inspiron 15R comes with Intel High Definition (HD) incorporated graphics and weighs 5.84Lbs. The weight makes the Dell Inspiron 15R laptop not to be light weighted therefore make Dell Inspiron 15R not to be portable.

Lenovo Essential G570

For users who type frequently. Lenovo Essential G570 is a famous laptop under $600 that the operator can purchase. The machine has 15.6 inches screen and has a spacious keyboard ideal for keying in words. Lenovo Essential G570 can hold up to 500GB of data and a 4GB RAM. The Lenovo Essential G570 laptop built with Intel 3000 HD graphics card and Intel core i5-2410M dual core processor.

Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook

Customer who like playing games and watching movies, the preferred laptop under $600 he or she can purchase is Dell Inspiron 14z ultrabook. Dell Inspiron 14z ultrabook has a 14 inch High Definition LED screen which produces better graphics and has superior screen resolution. The speed prevails at i3-i7 Intel core processor and use Windows  Operating System. Dell Inspiron 14z ultrabook battery can keep on up to six hours making it a healthier choice for learners and traders. The laptop is also thin and weighs 4Lbs making it to be carried from one place to another easily. With all these features, Dell Inspiron 14z ultrabook  is low-costly and offered as low as $419.99 on Amazon.

These are three best laptops under $600 for 2014 in my opinion. Hope you find this post helpful. Keep coming back for more information on technology or subscribe to this blog below so I can email you whenever a new article is released. Thank you for reading and good luck finding the best laptop under $600 bucks!