Best Laptops for Music Production

If you’re looking for a laptop to handle your music production or recording work. You want something with a decent processor to handle the looping, sampling and moving tracks around that go with the music business. You need something with enough RAM to handle a lot of audio without slowing down. It needs to run the production software you demand. It is recommended you get an insight into the top laptop manufacturing companies before continuing. Here are three of the best laptops for music production on the market today.

Apple MacBook Pro –Excellent Laptop for Music Production

Apple laptops Best Laptops for Music Production have long been favorites of the artistic community. Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch features an Intel Core i5 processor, a quad core system. Compared to other Apple laptops, this model will leave you with significantly lower sticker shock.

The Apple software ecosystem has a number of options. Every Apple comes with GarageBand already installed. Apple’s Logic Pro software offers a major upgrade for music producers who need more firepower. The MacBook software also integrates seamlessly with your iPhone and iPad, so sharing your work is much easier.

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Samsung Series 9 for Music Production and Recording

One big reason music producers steer away from the Mac platform is the absence of FL Studio for Mac. For those who demand FL Studio, the Series 9 from Samsung offers an appealing high-end option among Windows-based laptops. The Series 9 has an i7 quad core processor Best Laptops for Music Production, the most powerful consumer grade processor on the market. The Samsung laptop comes with 8 Gb RAM. The 256 Gb solid state drive means it will consume less power and operate more quietly than other laptops.

The Windows ecosystem offers a ton of option for music production software. A number of programs from smaller software companies are available for Windows and not Mac. Programs that handle looping and sampling well, like Making Waves and Fruit Loops, will run great on the Series 9 from Samsung.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 – Another Music Production Laptop

The Lenovo Ideapad z580 Best Laptops for Music Production offers a fairly cost effective alternative among the  laptops for music production. It runs Microsoft Windows, so programs like SoundForge and FL Studio are easy to install. It has an i5 quad core processor from Intel. Most versions come with 6 Gb RAM installed, more than enough to handle all but the most extravagant music productions.

These are some of the best notebooks for music production that you might want to consider to buy if you are looking to find the best one that fits your music producing needs. Hope you like my post and any comments or concerns below will be greatly appreciated.

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    Would the Dell Inspiron 17 with 4th generation I7 processor, 8 gb ram also be a good choice for music production?