Best Laptop For DJing and DJs

This post will focus on the best laptop for DJing or in other words best laptop for DJs. As a DJ you will use DJ software like Mixvibes, Traktor or some other software of your choice which are very important for your DJing purposes. Since the software is constantly running, you will need a high performing laptop to handle the process. You definitely don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a task.

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As a reminder,  I AM NOT A DJ but understand the technological aspects of this particular topic and hopefully I will be helpful for you.  So yes, basically you’re looking for a laptop that can be a hub for smooth running of software and in your case, DJ software. Here is the rule of the thumb, computers/laptops with better processor performs better! Of course other factors play role in making a computer faster, for example available memory, processor plays a leading role in laptop performance. Although, there are hundreds if not thousands of laptop models that are best for DJing purposes, I will mention few of them as a quick reference.

Best Laptop for DJing if You’re a Fan of Mac OS – MacBook Pro 13 inch

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This laptop is beautiful, high performing, portable and cheaper if you’re on a budget. It’s built upon the latest fourth generation Intel processors, which means it will run your software smoothly and give you excellent experience of running a DJ software. Besides its awesome high performance capacity, it comes with awesome graphics, design and memory. Even though you might be a DJ or trying be become one, I assume you will need a laptop for other computing needs for example, let us say school or something else and MacBook Pro will fulfill your needs beyond just DJing. The upper model of MacBook pro is also something you might want to consider buying given that you have enough money to get one.

One of the Best Laptops for DJs if You prefer Windows OS-Toshiba Satellite L855-S5372

If you’re Windows fan, I would suggest Toshiba Satellite L855-S5372 Best Laptop For DJing and DJs that is built upon 3rd generation Intel processor called Intel® CoreTM i7-3630QM which makes this laptop lightning fast. Since it is cheaper and can be bought for about $800, I would choose this if I were on a budget and needed a laptop for DJing purpose. This laptop also has 15 inch wide screen and other advanced technologies which will fulfill your other computing needs as well.

Other Suitable Laptops for DJs

MacBook Air, iMac, Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 59375625, HP Envy 15 (and 17), are some of the other options you might want to do more research on. You can go to Amazon Best Laptop For DJing and DJs and see the pricing details as well as specs.  As a matter of fact, no laptop company releases laptop for DJing purpose specifically. What you can do is, go for a laptop that is specifically made for gaming purposes because the gaming requirements and YOUR REQUIREMENTS are very much similar.

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That’s about it! What do you think? Leave the comment below so that people trying to get information on best laptop for DJing will be grateful!

  • Gary O.

    I have a new Asus rig, but I am still using a 3 year old HP G62 with 8 gig of ram for my primary setup. It performs great, and the sound is perfect.

  • urby

    Anyone herd of Razer Blade Pro 2014 (Afrojack uses it)

  • lacsaP

    With DidJiX you don’t need a recent pc (but you can of course ;-)) and there’s no installation needed…