Best gaming laptops under $1000

Best gaming laptops under $1000 is a tricky phrase. Mostly because the development in gaming world, as well as laptop world has progressed exponentially. Because of the increase in PC gamers, almost all of the laptop companies have started to build custom laptops primarily for gaming purposes. Of course it’s best for other purposes like running music production software, video edition, or just basic home office use.

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Spending up to $1000 for a gaming device isn’t careless (as some may argue). If you are a casual gamer, this price range is perfect, and if you are a professional gamer, a more advanced laptop is recommended. Since you are reading this particular review, let’s dive in!

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Requirements of a gaming notebook

You might already know the deal, but if you don’t know yet, let me give you a quick rundown of what we look for in gaming laptops: excellent graphic card, awesome processor or CPU, and abundant RAM. Powerful graphics card is required to render graphics of a game, modern and top class processor will determine the overall speed of your gaming and abundant RAM will make sure there is no “lagging”. At least i5 processor and RAM of at least 2GB (at least, at VERY least, 4GB strongly recommended) is MUST. Most people believe you must have at least 4GB for this purpose. The point is; more the better obviously.

2014 Our Choice for the Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000- Lenovo IdeaPad Y410P

410p 300x168 Best gaming laptops under $1000

If I were you and wanted to buy a gaming laptop under $1000 dollars; I would buy this. Why? Simply because it offers almost everything needed to run a game.

It costs anywhere from $950 to $999 depending on where you buy it. It has powerful i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT755M graphics card, and yes, 8GB of RAM! What else would you wish for such a beautiful price?! Also, 14 inch screen size makes it portable, although the weight is around 5 pounds. What about the storage? You need lots of space to install your games right? 1TB! Enough to install plenty of games! Remember, this is the editorial choice for under $1000. Trust me, it’s a steal.

Best Windows 7 Gaming Laptop for Less than $1000 -MSI Computer Corp. GP60 2OD

msi 300x260 Best gaming laptops under $1000

MSI Computer Corp. GP60 2OD Best gaming laptops under $1000 is another top gaming laptop you might like. It can be bought for an average price of $950. and it’s a good decision to get one when you are looking for something that costs under a grand. For those who prefer windows 7 over 8, this is a perfect choice.

On the technical side, it comes with i7 processor and a decent graphics card named NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 740M. Since it has 8 GB of RAM, a faster and smooth gaming experience can be expected. It comes with 750 GB of hard drive memory which can hold many games of your choice.

>> See Amazon’s best selling laptops under $1000 <<

Toshiba Satellite S70-AST3GX- Another Powerhouse for Gamers

toshibapic 300x300 Best gaming laptops under $1000

Toshiba Satellite S70-AST3GX Best gaming laptops under $1000 is a magnificent gaming laptop. Since it costs less than $1000, we’d like to recommend this too. It has: 1TB of memory, i7 processor, 12 GB OF RAM, and a 17 inch screen. Even though Mr. Haney prefers AMD APU, this laptop comes equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 740M along with NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology.

Closing Thoughts

Besides the ones mentioned above, Alienware is another brand you might want to consider for this purpose. Since we could not find any Alienware laptop below thousand bucks (a new one), I did not list any of those, but you should keep in mind that Alienware laptops are awesome for gaming.  Let me know what you think of this article below!